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Carrying Around Prohibited Possessors

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Ok here's the situation:

I'm traveling back home to visit family, certain members of which are prohibited possessors. As far as I'm concerned they won't even know I'm carrying (unless I have to use it for SD). I'm pretty sure that I'm in the clear for carrying, I'm more worried about if someone happens to notice that I am and wants to try and make trouble for them. I know I'm probably being a little paranoid but just want to make sure everyone's in the clear. Anyone know any reason to that I, or they, wouldn't be?
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My brother is prohibited due to mental illness. I carry around him, and he knows I have a gun, but I keep it with me (on me) when I visit him.

I know better than to let him touch it, and I am certainly not going to his neck of the woods without Mr. Springfield.
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