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Carrying Around Prohibited Possessors

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Ok here's the situation:

I'm traveling back home to visit family, certain members of which are prohibited possessors. As far as I'm concerned they won't even know I'm carrying (unless I have to use it for SD). I'm pretty sure that I'm in the clear for carrying, I'm more worried about if someone happens to notice that I am and wants to try and make trouble for them. I know I'm probably being a little paranoid but just want to make sure everyone's in the clear. Anyone know any reason to that I, or they, wouldn't be?
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YOU wouldn't get in trouble regardless. It is the responsibility of the person with the conviction to avoid firearms that they know of or could reasonably believe are present. As long as you don't open carry or let them 'hold' your gun you will be fine. They can't be expected to 'know' you have a piece on you so they are in the clear as well. Unless you are LEO, then it would be reasonable to believe that you are armed and may present a conflict.
Are we related?

Just let them talk about what they want to talk about and smile and nod a lot.
$0.02 from MB
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