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That would be my whole family, pretty much. I'm the only conservative among them (that I know of).
On my mother side my uncle is like me and I still to today hear my mom ask how I am like Doug. Hell she even calls me Doug every once in a while.

On my fathers side which I don't see much are like us here. Both Brothers and their children.

You sure are right about all they know is what they see on the news.
They probably learn a lot from the TV talk shows.
I feel bad for you because Foamily is Family and you have to still love them even if they do have faults.
Yes it is.

Well, actually you don’t. I have one lib relative; and I choose not to have anything to do with her.

Life’s too short to be exposed to that idiotic BS on a personal level.
My aunt actually went to the anti Trump parades and had a pin k ***** hat on. I feel bad for my Uncle. He's married to her.
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