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Care and Feeding a XD

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I know with a Glock, there are specific points where they recommend you apply a small amount of oil and then just let that oil flow to other points.

I'm getting a XD soon and decided to get a step up so I downloaded the manual from the website.

The manual is a little vague and only says a very small amount of oil is needed to adequately lubricate moving parts and prevent rust. It doesn't give detailed information. I suspect it is similar to a Glock but I don't really know.

Does anybody know the recommended method of cleaning and lubricating an XD? My last experience cleaning firearms was 20 years ago.


(yes, a newbie)
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Hey Brian, we all were newbie's once. As I personally have no experience with a XD I found two sources that might help. One is a little over the top Maintenance Tips for a Springfield XD 9mm Handgun and the other should be a little better for you Glock/Springfield XD Maintenance

Good Luck..
Thanks. Link 2 was exactly what I was looking for.

Been over to XDtalk.com ? ;)

I didn't do anything special with my XD45...just light dabs of oil wherever metal touches metal...moving parts. Wipe any excess off.
Yep. That was my first thought. I did a search for lube points and came up with 11 pages of stuff. Some of it included information on what people use to clean and lubricate their XDs. Most of the rest left me wondering why the search engine returned it.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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