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July 18th Carbine Pistol Class

I have a few places open for our next Carbine / Pistol Class. There will not be another class offered until mid / late August, plus FCC members get a 25% Discount. So sign up now. You can pay by check, Credit card or in cash.

Course Description:
Scenarios addressed include working in or around both buildings and vehicles, multiple target engagement, moving whilst shooting, moving though a home / building, penetration issues (what does and does not happen with various ammo etc), reloading and transitioning from one gun to the other etc.

This all day course covers firearm specific anomalies, carry options and accessories, using cover, standing, kneeling and prone positions, shooting on the move, transitioning from carbine to pistol and pistol to rifle, shooting from cover, and reloading techniques including speed loads and tactical reloads.

This class will teach you the building blocks and firsthand basic knowledge needed to use these weapons effectively.

Equipment List:
- 400 rounds rifle ammunition
- A magazine fed rifle (semi auto) that has been zeroed (Pistol caliber and .22 conversions carbines are ok)
- 200 rounds pistol ammo and a pistol (.22 conversions ok)
- Tactical sling (required) 1 or 2 point.
- Weapon cleaning and lubrication equipment
- Strong side belt holster
- Full wrap eye and ear protection
- Sturdy gun belt (designed to carry a gun)
- Minimum of 3 pistol and 4 WORKING rifle mags
- Magazine pouches for pistol and rifle
- Raingear (We shoot rain or shine)
- Hat and sunblock
- Knee and elbow pads (knee is recommended)
- Drinking water (need to stay hydrated)
- Bug Spray (If you are bothered)
- Pen and paper (recommended)
- Food / snacks

Optional Equipment:
-Spare gun or spare gun parts (we do not want to hold up the class for broken guns)
-Spare shirt (you WILL sweat)

Book To Attend:
Course cost is $200. But FCC members pay $150.00. You can book online via our website or get more info by contacting me directly on 1 954 298 9103 www.floridafirearmstraining.com We will require a $50 deposit to hold your place.
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