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Can't find ammo

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I can't find any ammo at the local WalMarts. I've been to three different ones and the shelves are picked clean. I did manage to pick up 100 rounds of Blazer 9mm but otherwise there wasn't anything to choose from.

I dropped by Gander up in Sanford while I was out this morning and they were basically asking twice the price for their ammo. I thought I had been paying around $16 for Remington .38 for 50 rounds but they were asking almost $29. Forget it. They had Winchester 50 rounds of .38 (only two boxes) for basically the same thing.

At one of the WalMarts the guy said he can't keep anything stocked. Two other guys walked up asking for ammo and were told the same thing. He said he got a notice from the manufactures that they were swamped trying to keep up with the demand of bullets and cannot guarantee getting shipments to them in a timely manner.

Oh well. Maybe it will all settle down after next Tuesday or shortly thereafter.

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All the reload you can eat. From what I hear they make a quality product and offer bulk with gold dot bullets for not much more $. :)

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