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Can anyone help identify this rifle??

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Good people of FCC. I need your help in trying to identify this rifle that has been handed down to me from my father.

With Brownie's help i have already identified a U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor rifle. Supposedly in a .45-70 caliber.

Here are the pictures of the rifle I am trying to identify......

I would like to hear any ideas on this gun. I tried to include all the pics of all the markings on the gun.
I can not read the asian markings on it, but i thought it was funny to have american numbers on the sights.
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Japanese service rifle.......believe it's a 7.7. If so it's a type 99...........top of the receiver ought to have a small circle with roughly 17 oblong ovals around it but apparently yours has been removed. That marking is called a "mum" and was the Emperor's seal. The knurled rear portion of the bolt is the safety.........you press in and turn it to engage same.

Believe the ovate marking in the one photo is the Kokura Arsenal mark indicating place of mfg......surely some other readers can be a lot more precise that I've been. Guns that have had the mum ground off are guns that were surrendered, those that don't were usually taken in combat. By the way, that stock is in very good condition.....all those stocks I've seen are two piece affairs and usually you'll see seperation of the sections lengthwise in the butt portion......yours appears intact.

The Japs also mfgd an earlier model in 6.5............with the exception of very late war mfg'd pieces all those guns were VERY strong designs........rifling is ovate or medford style and doesn't have the sharp lands & grooves we're generally used to seeing.

In the condition that gun is in it has some collector value, I'd suggest you try one of the surplus military rifle sites for a lot more precise info & value guess.....nice piece of history you have there.
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Dogrunner is correct it is a Japanese service rifle. I believe it's a type 38 not a type 99 however. I'm more into german and american milsurp rifles but here is a GREAT forum to check out. You'll find everyone there quite helpful and friendly.


Also here's the link to surplusrifle.com's section devoted to the arisaka type 38


Take care. Careful once you get one milsurp you're bound to get hooked and look for others.
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