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Called on day 95 and...

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The lady I spoke with, who didn't sound to excited taking my call, informed me the my application is currently in the evaluation process and they are reviewing FBI 'background check'. So where does this leave me in the process?

Mailed: 06/08
Check deposit: 6/15
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No requirement to verify a DD214 and IF there was, it would be in St. Louis, not Washington, DC. Even the Social Security Administration accepts photo copies of DD214s without notary or verification.
Perhaps a call to FDLE might get you a reason for the additional checks with the FBI. If not, you might consider calling Mr. Buckley or another attorney familiar with the process.

IF you were purchasing a weapon, in theory the same issue should come up and the FDLE would issue a temp. approval after a three day default period for clarification. I believe (but am not positive) you could then ask what the information was and who (what jurisdiction) submitted it. They may even be verifying that you are not the person with a similar name with serious background problems. I don't know how important it is to you or your situation but, if it were me, I'd get some legal advice on this and explore it as far as possible as to WHY.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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