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Bushido Tactical Ladies HAndgun Class - Orlando, FL ....................April 18 - 19

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Bushido Tactical will be teaching an exclusive Ladies Only Handgun Course in Olrando, FL on April 18 - 19. This class will be taught by both a male and female staff member and will expose students to realistic scenarios that we will work through during the class to help prepare you for the unknown. We have some guys sending their wives, girlfriends and daughters to this class to get them trained up on their weapons as there are a lot of ladies who have just currently purchased a handgun for home or personal defense. This would be the ideal class to learn in a freely and possibly get to meet other ladies with a similar interest.

Handgun Course Outline:

Range safety rules and commands
Combat mindset
Pistol / Revolver nomenclature
Proper equipment placement
Handgun sight in

Handgun handling:

Various stances
Grip placement
Trigger control
Sight alignment
Sight picture
Multiple threats
Various reloading options
Malfunction drills
One handed shooting
Basic flashlight techniques, utilizing cover
Shooting from various props.

An equipment list can be emailed to you prior or after you have registered for the course. Ladies will need roughly between 400 - 500 rounds of ammunition.

2 Days

Tuition: Handgun course - $350


All registrations will be handled directly through Bushido Tactical and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Wade Rorich
Operating Manager
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Last week to register - this class is a go.
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