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Put your skills to the test! This course is offered exclusively to the AR-15 /AK-47/ assault rifle enthusiast, seeking to enhance their skills. You will receive hands-on and practical training from current and retired Certified Law Enforcement SWAT & Firearms Instructors.

Required Gear: 300 rifle rounds, 50 handgun rounds, magazine pouch for rifle, rifle sling, 3 rifle magazines, handgun holster, 3 handgun magazines, handgun magazine pouch, brimmed cap, eye & ear protection. Waterproof shooting mat optional, weapon light optional, knee & elbow pads optional. Revolver shooters bring 2 speed loaders. Bring a cleaning kit and any tools you may need. No tank tops or flip flops.

This 2 day course, 3 hours a day, has been specifically designed to address the needs of the civilian rifle owner in an urban environment. This course focuses on developing the skills necessary to safely deploy and utilize your rifle in a hostile, high-risk environment and win a lethal encounter.

Day 1: Saturday 6/25/2011 10AM-1PM 101 N. Ocean Drive Suite 131, Hollywood, Florida 33019. In the classroom, you will receive instruction on rifle nomenclature, function, accessories, ballistics, trajectory, shooting fundamentals, zeroing, maintenance, cleaning and storage.

Day 2: Sunday 6/26/2011 4PM-8PM at Pop's Gun Club, 6101 U.S. 27 Southwest Ranches, FL 33332. On day 2 you will zero your rifle, conduct marksmanship, malfunction, load & reload drills, fire from barricades, move and shoot.

TUITION: $250.00

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