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Brand new from Osteen

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I discovered this forum last evening during a Google search for something I can't remember. Kept me up until 1:30 soaking up info. My wife, son and self all applied for CCW permits in Feb. My son's came back Fri so the others should be comming soon. I think I learned more last night than in all the classes I've taken from Hunter Safety to Handgun. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and hope I can contribute something. I also appreciate the family friendly manner. I've had weapons all my life and live in a rural area. At least it was rural until "civilization" encroached to the point of it being time to carry. My son bypassed the "Wally Walk" and went to Church carrying his 7.65 Berretta in a belly band this morning. Thought he was doing fine until he discovered he had forgotten his wallet, hence his permit. Panic time.
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Welcome aboard neighbor.. you are right around the corner from me..Actually did a large CCW class in Osteen at a private residence back in Feb..
Welcome aboard, Chuck. :drinks
Hi Chuck,

Let me be the first (third) haha to officially welcome you to the site. There is a tremendous amount of mental and practical information here. We are looking forward to your contribution as well.

Good for the family for all getting licenses. As amazing as it sounds to have a family friendly gun site that is exactly what we've managed to do. On occasion there will be someone push the envelope but they are gently brought back. I love being a MamaBear here. [g]

Looking forward in learning from you.
Welcome Chuck. :thumsup
Welcome aboard :thumsup

Hi Chuck. Welcome to the forums.
Thanks for the welcome everybody. SwampRat, very impressive websites neighbor. I'm right across the road from Deltona since all the anexation and too close for comfort to the new Wally's, which was all orange groves when we moved here in 77.
Thank you Sir..and I do remember those days..Osteen has always been rural but the annexations are gonna turn it into urban if they keep going....hope we can get together one of these days being you're close..
Glad you joined us Chuck :thumsup
I know a family that has been in Osteen for several generations, and have been there many times. The area sure is changing as people flee Orlando. I lived in Deltona twice over the years, first back in 1975, and you could hear the fox runs in the NE section.
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