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Bodycam Captures Police Shootout After Passenger Opens Fire on San Antonio Officer

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Couple things I take away from this.
Apparently the officer is more comfortable shooting with his injured strong hand instead of his intact weak hand. This is a good example of how one should be able to shoot with either hand.
Toward the end of the video it shows the dash cam view. In this video again as in others I’ve seen recently the officer drops the mag after getting off a shot or two. Could be related to his injured hand but it seems to me more like Adrenalin caused confusion.
I’d like to see the rest of the video.
Didn’t really hear him giving commands after the initial shooting happened. Kinda seemed like he was just shooting into the truck slowly? Not sure what that was all about?
Since I’m not a cop and have never been in a situation like this I won’t criticize him, just commenting is all.
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