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Blasphemny....I know,llll

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OK, OK, I know....it's blasphemy, sheer blasphemy to say what I'm about to say. But here goes..................

I'm giving up my Glock. :smack :smack :smack;

I've lost about 25 pounds since carrying my last G19 concealed. I'm down to about 150 or so now. Now that I received my license in the mail last week, I have found that carrying my G19 IWB at 3:30 position is downright painful. I've got no butt, no love-handles, and no hips anymore, so the fat as hell Glock just digs into my bones when carrying.

Two months ago, Mrs. Hodawg expressed an interest in carrying, so after much searching we settled on a Taurus PT709 in 9mm for her. Very slim, great trigger pull, and after about 250 rounds at the range, very reliable and accurate. I was so impressed with it that I went and bought myself one, even though I already had the G19.

Long story short,............. I am a firm believer in the axiom "You will fight as you are trained"... I know that due to comfort and concealability issues, I will end up carrying the PT709 instead of the Glock. So just to set my own mind at ease, I took My 709 to the range yesterday. I put about 250 rounds of 115 gr. Remington FMJ's through it. I went through two handed accuracy drills, strong hand and weak hand drills, rapid fire, head shots at 15 meters. Then I plugged about 25 rounds of 147 Hydra-Shocks at very rapid fire, trying to make it jam. It didn't. As a matter of fact, the little bugger shot better with the Hydra-Shocks than it did with the range ammo.

At the ranges that I will use a defensive pistol, since I'm not an LEO anymore, the PT709 is just as accurate (for me anyways) as the G19. And a HECK of a lot more comfortable to carry. I know that I'm loosing about 50% capacity, but I find that I can carry an extra magazine in the off side pocket that is hardly noticed.

OK, I'm ready for all of the Glocksters to just pound me :smack , and I know that the PT709 doesn't carry the reputation as a Glock, an XD, a Kimber, and others,................ but it works for me. Better to have my 709 on my hip than a G19 left at home.

Beers y'all, Let the flogging begin ! :dancingbanana
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If this really will make you feel better....:smack:smack:smack:smack:smack:smack:smack

There how is that????:rolf
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