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Beretta U22 Neos

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I'm looking to buy this for a plinker..Any one have one or know anything about them???
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I've had one for a while now.
It's fun . I have a red dot stuck on top.
Mine has been reliable and very accurate.
It shoots anything I stuff in it including ThunderrThuds.
Cleaning is easy unlike some other .22 semi-autos.

It's my "throw in the range bag" gun. It's almost always with me.
Let's face it shooting a .22 is cheap and you learn muscle memory and trigger control or reinforce what you already know.

There have been some reports the NEOS is finicky about ammo. So far not for me.

Hope this helps

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Wow, what a cool looking gun. I've never seen this gun before and the price is not bad too. If ammo prices go up I might not have a choice but to get one for practicing.
Thanks AFS if all goes well i will be getting 2 of them tomorrow, yes my wife shoots also.
CDNN sells mags for $10.00 each
Get lots.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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