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Beretta 9000s; specific recommendations?

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I know this is a 'love it or hate it' gun.

I bought one yesterday, and am looking for some info.

As far as I can tell there were at least 3 generations of this gun, the early ones had a 'not so great' trigger.

The one I bought was mfg in 2006 (from the Beretta site)... the trigger feels ok to me... will know more once I take it to the range.

The slide is as tough to use as they say it is... and the safety / decock lever is not nearly as easy to use as the 92/96.... not really a concern since I plan to carry it at the first notch and not use the safety.

I have read about some folks using wolf springs from a sig... as I understand it will make the trigger better.

Any thoughts on this gun, experience with it, or insight into specific improvements?

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Does anyone else here carry one?
Just an update.

The 9000s has now had about 4 boxes of ammo through it and shoots great. The trigger is a long pull, and takes some getting used to. As similar as the action is to my 92, I would think the trigger could have been better but I can shoot it reasonably well.

It has a place in the vehicle, and works ok for some limited cold wx carry...not so much in the summer though. My LCP gets the nod for daily carry, and the 9000 sits in the vehicle with an extra 15 rounds as a back up.

Still pretty happy with it..
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