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Belt off the rack or custom?

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Ok, a couple of things I have learned since I started carrying a week ago, is that your holster and belt are just about as important as your choice of weapon. I bought a cheap belt. I can buy a custom belt online for $25.00 or should I goto Walmart and buy off the rack?
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I've bought one of these: http://store.thewilderness.com/product_info.php?products_id=1186 I looked at leather and the good ones are expensive. I was also looking for an everyday work belt too, and in Florida the heat kills me. I really am satisfied with my decision, its is a durable gun belt and everyday work belt for me too. I got the 5 stitched version for the added stiffness and it works great. Be sure to following their sizing instructions or if you need just call them (I did) they are truely helpful.
I know money is tight, but I do believe you get what you pay for too. If you are like me I don't like buying things 2 and 3 times. Good Luck.
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