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Barrett Long Range 1 and 2 Course

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Barrett Long Range .50 BMG Course



I'll be attending the Nov 6-8 Long Range 1 3 day 50BMG caliber rifle training course sponsored by Barrett Rifles in Raton, New Mexico with my Barrett model 99.


I've ordered the Leupold 4.5-14x50mm w/ mil-dot scope which is recommended by Barrett to be sighted for 300 yrds when you arrive to shoot. This scope is shown here:


Course topics include:

* 3 Day Course (24 hours)
* Barrett Rifles Familiarization
* Cleaning and Maintenance
* Rifle Set Up
* Marksmanship Fundamentals
* Intro to Data Collection
* Basic External Ballistics
* Intro to Wind
* Live Fire on 1000 Yard Known Distance Range

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Anyone can attend their courses. They hold them in Tenn and NC as well. NC would not be prohibitive for you sunshine staters. You don't even have to have a Barrett, they'll loan you one for the training for 200.00.


I bought that particular Leupold as Barrett suggests it in their advertisement. Learning to read the wind and ajdusting for temp variables is something that will be covered in the course, [ probably classroom and on the range ].

Holding Counter-Sniper certification in Va. through Heckler and Koch's training division since 94 with a PSG-1 308; having shot expert at 500 rds with irons in the Corps [ 69 ], and presently shooting irons out to 400 yrds with my M1a's fairly regularly even now, the 1000 yds will be a new challenge and the main reason I'm attending.

I'd like to thoroughly learn the rifles breakdown, maintenance and operation which they'll cover also. It's just going to be a good heads up on this rifle and I wasn't aware Barrett put these courses on until fairly recently.

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