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Aware of your surrounding

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:) Recently ,I had to go to court and before you go thru the scanner I had to empty my pockets and I put my knife Smith @ wesson Border Guard in the tray not even thinking. The deputy just started to laugh at me when I realized that I did it.So I had to take back to the truck.Well the officer said that just a week before this man started to walk thru and stop took out his glock 9 mm and his 3 extra magazines placed them in the tray.They didn't know the man,talking about a scare.Deputues came out of the wood work apprehended the man. She said the man had an puzzle look and asked what he did wrong. We never read about it in our local paper. They didn't tell me what they did with him or what charge. The moral of this.. read the Fl ststue 790 and find the book Florida firearms law,use & ownership by Jon Gutmacher,Esq I don't know how many times that I caught myself before entering into a place where it is forbidden by law to carry. Just a caution Please be careful and know what the law says before you have to lose your right .I talk to LEO's Lawyers,Judges about this issue to find out what applies where I live. If you can please take time out and ask .............God Speed:)
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