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The Florida Concealed carry forum has been a great place for the Conceal & Carry Network to
share interesting news. Our site is working hard the become the information hub for the
Firearms Industry. If you have a firearms related business you can advertise your business
on our site. We do not exclude other businesses from advertising as people that love
firearms also love many other things as well.

We are offering a 60% saving off our already low advertising prices. This takes our
best product a Platinum Business Listing and makes is just $80 for your first full year. Here is
an example of a real Platinum Business Listing for an Arizona based business I think everyone
will recognize... http://concealncarry.net/listing/mcmillan-firearms-manufacturing-llc.html

If you are a Firearms Instructor our site was built with you in mind. We also offer Event/
Class Listing so allow you the ability to advertise your open classes. The normal price of $99.99
yearly would be reduced to $40 per listing / per year.

We also offer Classifieds and Banner Ad services and this Promo Code works on all of them.

The Promo code is "Flor60%" you can share this promo code with a friend in the industry if
it would help them out. This code will work anywhere in the US.

Check us out at www.concealncarry.net be sure to visit our BEST INFO page.
Take a minute to watch our video especially made for you..

Video for Firearm Industry Business Owners

If I can help or you have a question send me an email at [email protected]

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We will join. Thank you for your work a d for the discount. If you have a window sticker send it to us and we will put it on our front door. If you ever come to Jacksonville ease bring us a big jar with your logo and info and we will also collect donations for this important and worthy cause!
Ps. If you will email us a logo we will also put you on our Facebook and website page.
Send to [email protected]
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