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As Non LEO-What do you do when carrying w/ a CCW?

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Great place to ask this question, b/c I have asked it many time's and NEVER heard a repeat answer.
When carrying w/ a CCW and either approached or pulled over by LE, "What do you do?
Do you instantly inform the officer that you are carrying? My father in law is retired Jacksonville,Fl LEO & active Interlachen, Fl LEO (72 y/o). I asked him and sadly, he acted as if he had never been presented w/ the problem/question.
However, as a disbaled vet I DO NOT want or need to be dragged out of my car or ordered out onto the ground w/ knee's in my back (purely what I see on COPS OK).
I mean common sense tell's me to inform the officer, but as stated above, I've saw that happen on COPS and then the on the ground knee in the back crap started. Some have stated to say nothing, only mention it if it's found, Da, when it's found bullet's start flying.
So, someone PLEASE give me a legit sensible answer.
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The State of Florida automated their FCIC so that all information concerning a person's DL status, wants and warrants, orders for protection from domestic violence, parole and probation status and CWL status comes up at the same time.
I didn't know that (about the CWL status), thanks for the info.

I've yet to be stopped since I got my CWL, but if/when it happens I've already decided to hand it over along with my DL.
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