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Anyone ever thought of packing a .500?

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Man these guns are effing monster's! Been looking at the S&W and the Taurus, not sure how many other companys make this beast of a caliber but holy hell. Im sure the Youtube video's dont do them justice. I could see someone with a crossdraw sholder rig CC'in one of these.

I mean really, as long as you aim general direction the fricken shock wave would knock someone over. :laughing , but honestly if i do buy one for hunting, (witch i just may have to) it will be my personal challenge to find a good spot to CC one. I cant see it being possible without a cover garment like a jacket or something though. We shal see, anyone on the forum pack a (huge cal revolver) like .44 mag or bigger? :drinks
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I agree with pretty much everyone else here. Unless you're the size of some of these professional wrestlers, you're not gonna be able to conceal it. Then of course there is the issue of using the weapon and the VERY real possibility of the round completely penetrating it's intended target, and striking an innocent individual behind him.
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