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Anyone ever thought of packing a .500?

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Man these guns are effing monster's! Been looking at the S&W and the Taurus, not sure how many other companys make this beast of a caliber but holy hell. Im sure the Youtube video's dont do them justice. I could see someone with a crossdraw sholder rig CC'in one of these.

I mean really, as long as you aim general direction the fricken shock wave would knock someone over. :laughing , but honestly if i do buy one for hunting, (witch i just may have to) it will be my personal challenge to find a good spot to CC one. I cant see it being possible without a cover garment like a jacket or something though. We shal see, anyone on the forum pack a (huge cal revolver) like .44 mag or bigger? :drinks
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HOLY S*IT BATMAN! that watermelon is a goner. :rolf
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