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Any interest in a late Oct/early Nov Threat focused pistol course?

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I'm trying to guage if there's enough members interested in attending in the fall. If there is, I'll schedule dates and announce. It's quite likely this will be the last one for me traveling out of my home state.

Thinking along the lines of this

Friday, rifle quick kill using bbguns, shotties and 22 rifles
Sat, live fire core skills = 1/2 hip; 3/4 hip; point shoulder; quick kill pistol, quick kill hip on multiples
Sun morning, live fire reviewing Sat's skills
Sun afternoon, fof using the shoot house and running several scenarios on the range

As in the past, one could choose all 3 days for a reduced price or attend just the Friday or weekend training.

OKEE 9 maybe 6 more
Volusia 6 maybe 6 more
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I'd be interested at Okee.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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