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Another newbie to the group

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:thumsupHello all,

Just been reading threads and forums the last few days on here and figured might as well go ahead and going the crowd. I'm 29 and married to a wonderful and beautiful wife and have lived here in Florida for the past 27 years...Anyway glad to join the group of enthusiast that enjoy the same thing I do..Still waiting on my CWP..90 days and counting.
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Welcome aboard, M&S, from Orlando. :drinks
Welcome to the forum M&S. :drinks
welcome from edgewater :)
Hi M&S, Welcome to the forum :thumsup

Welcome to the forum glad to have ya.
Welcome from Jax! I am waiting for my cc license too!:popcorn

Welcome Sir :thumsup
Welcome aboard

Welcome :drinks
Hello and welcome from Miami.
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