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As for the seaching my vehicle, not really the point- I want to be in compliance with all laws.
If a University Campus is not prohibited, then, it's simply a question of school policy. A violation of a school policy doesn't have anything to do with compliance of the law.

If a college parking lot isn't prohibited by law, you're not breaking any law by leaving your gun in your car. The worst the college can do to you if caught is expell you or terminate your employment, which ever is relevant. And, again, how often does your campus security search vehicles? Truthfully? If your campus is anything like the two I frequent, how often do you even SEE campus security. :rolleyes:

I atttend and teach between a communitiy college and a local University. I Have left my gun in my car while there. FWIW
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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