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I was interested in getting a pistol with the same design features and size, without the “colorful” finish of my Miami Nights Signature Series; so after my annual Dr. visit in Brooksville this morning, I stopped at the LGS that I bought my Rival Darkside from.

They had a couple of METE SFTs in flat dark earth (which looks OD green to me 🤷🏻‍♂️); which is the same model as the Miami Nights, sans the Miami Vice-style finish.

Since the first Canik limited edition series pistols are going for over $1K now; I put the Miami Nights one up in it’s case, along with all the original equipment that came with it.

I’ll shoot the new plain model at IDPA practice tomorrow; then when it functions as I know that it will, it’ll go into the carry rotation. I actually found that the Miami Nights carries very well, and last week I used the factory supplied OWB/IWB holster OWB, and found that it hides and carries very comfortably; so I’ll be using the new factory one tomorrow at IDPA, and for carry, OWB.

Air gun Wood Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Trigger Air gun Wood Everyday carry Gun barrel

A 27 ounce pistol that carries 18 rounds of 9mm in a flush-fitting mag, with a great trigger; what’s not to like? Everyone that I’ve showed these pistols to have all had exactly the same comment; “I had no idea you were carrying anything!” And, as usual; my cover garment is a tee shirt…. 😀
1 - 4 of 11 Posts