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Ammo prices continue to go down.

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I will be proven right.... again. Over on GlockTalk, many are convinced that ammo prices are immune to the laws of Economics (Supply & Demand) and that the recently inflated prices are here to stay. "THIS TIME is different," they insist.

I've encountered the same arguments here at times, but not as much.

ANYHOO.... 6.5 Creedmoor is down to $2.15 / round at Cabela's (limit 5 boxes). It's been at $2.50 / rd for a while, and it remains there at most other retailers.

At the peak, 6.5CM was running $5 / rd!

So... $2.15 is encouraging. But, I'm used to $1.20 - $1.30 / rd for the good match grade stuff. I'm going to continue sitting tight.

But, I'll be watching it. Of course, I would never rub it in again when I'm proven right. 馃槣 I'm not the kind to say, "I told ya so!" Naaaaaaaaa... not my style at all! 馃ぃ

Also... 9-mm: I'm seeing it down to 31 cents / rd for brass:
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I'm going on history repeating itself. And the law of supply and demand.
There has never been a similar event in history. We鈥檝e had high demand due to perceived threats to ban things, high demand due to super charged events like mass shootings but we鈥檝e never had a global shutdown or component shortages. Before our own inner turmoil never affected the foreign production of copper or lead. The plandemic is a unique instance. I like you could be wrong but I don鈥檛 see ammo or reloading components coming back down to pre-pandemic prices. Maybe close but not there. The cost of components will remain high for years to come. You say when demand tailors off and supply stacks up prices will drop. But what I think you don鈥檛 realize is no different than the auto industry ammo makers have realized they can make a whole lot more off of less. The ammo makers will simply turn down the production to keep the supply constant with the demand so their product never stacks up. The days of me having 300 lincolns on my lot are gone. And the days of TargetSports having everything of everything for cheap are gone too.
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The history of the Laws of Economics. They are immutable. Unless we have a gov't takeover (socialized) of the ammunition industry, the Law of Supply & Demand applies. It applies to ammo just as it applies to gas and potato chips and widgets.

Also wrong (IMO) about the manufacturers slowing down production to keep prices higher. Manufacturing lines / equipment lying fallow is a financial negative. They become a liability rather than an asset.

It costs them money to NOT run their machines. It costs them money to continue owning industrial real estate that isn't producing. They go NEGATIVE by shutting own lines.

Like I said last time and the time before and the time before.... just wait. The trends already support what I've been saying. The trends are absolutely (and irrefutably) headed in the EXACT direction that I said they would. Not because I said so. Because the Laws of Economics say so.

You're implying that the Laws of Economics no longer apply in the Free Market. I disagree. Time will tell who's right. But, I have the immutable Laws of Economics and MULTIPLE examples through history on my side.

The current environment has definitely thrown the economy a curve ball. But, eventually the environment reaches homeostasis. There's a big word for ya! Ha! Long time since I've used it. The wildly swinging pendulum eventually settles back to the normal rhythm.
You have no similar event in history where the entire world stopped spinning.
The auto industry has already ratcheted things back to keep things at a trickle. I believe other manufacturers will do the same. The cost of core components like copper and lead aren鈥檛 coming down anytime soon.
You can keep quoting my posts and using words in capitals in an effort to show me how my opinion is wrong if you want. But in the end both are just that, opinions. Only time will tell who鈥檚 right.
I just sent TargetSports an email telling them not to lower prices on 6.5 Creedmore so I can be right. 馃お
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Well... shortly after I posted that link, Cabela's went out of stock on the 6.5 CM. o_O
I bought it all. Special price for you is $3 a round
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Again... irrelevant. Supply & Demand still applies. The world stopping spinning affected Supply & Demand (DUH!), and prices and availability of nearly all commodities were affected ACCORDINGLY.

Likewise, as Supply & Demand correct themselves - though it may take a long time - prices will adjust accordingly. Every. Single. Time. Just like last time. And, the time before.

Your opinion is yours, just as mine is mine. I disagree with you, as do the Laws of Economics. You think the Laws of Economics no longer apply. I disagree.

Time will tell... just like last time when most people here and elsewhere told me I was wrong (about S & D) then... and ridiculed me over it. And, the time before that. And, the time before that.

It's OK. I'm used to being told I'm wrong "THIS TIME"... and proven right again in the long run. I'm a patient man. I'll wait. And, we'll see, eh?
For the record YOU鈥橰E wrong馃槀
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Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way
After the last couple days it鈥檚 more like
鈥淢other do you think they鈥檒l drop the bomb鈥?鈥
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I got some .357 and .44 ammo from TargetSports the other day that was moderately priced. With the prime discount and free shipping on six boxes of ammo it worked out pretty decent.
Like I said.... better! :geek: But, not low enough for me to buy... YET. We'll see what happens.

Either it will continue to come down (in time), and I'll be proven right... and then I'll buy.

Or, the prices will stay put, and I'll get desperate enough and cave.
You鈥檙e already desperate and will cave鈥︹uhahahahaha
If you鈥檙e waiting for 9mm to be $200 and .45 to be $250 like it was in 2019 you may be waiting forever.
Storm clouds of WWIII are on the horizon. Closest we鈥檝e been since the Cuban Missile crisis. People are once again like toilet paper starting to hoard it. Might be more than you wanna pay but stock up before we are sitting around a campfire eating iguanas on sticks.
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Not every vendor participates or is listed on ammoseek.
TargetSports cyber Monday price for prime members on blazer 115gr FMJ is $247/1000.
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I bought an annual Target Prime membership shortly before everyone's shelves, including Target's were emptied during that last panic. I had a year's membership which consisted of nothing in stock, for which I paid a premium.
I did too. Been a prime member since they started it several years ago. Win some lose some. Their stock is coming back up and for some things their prime price is better than others. It鈥檚 still worth it if you order enough to make up for the cost.
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And another jump DOWN in prices! $259 for a case of good stuff. It's been a slow decline. But it's predictable because of the laws of Economics... good ol' supply & demand.

View attachment 79447

I paid $299 for a case back in November.

I paid $320 for a case last June.
Another decent round they have is this one from S&B.
115fmj but compare the specs to the cci 124s. It鈥檚 almost 100ft lbs stronger.
I think we might see a spike in ammo prices if this becomes big red letters on Drudge.

If true how would this affect 9mm pricing? I don鈥檛 think much of that is being spent over there. Prices have steadily albeit slowly been coming down since the war broke out. Hasn鈥檛 affected things yet?
I can still remember buying a case of 9mm from the Shotgun News for $79. .45 was $99. All American made. Foreign made mil-surp was less.
A 1640rnd case of Filipino 5.56 was $129 I think if memory is correct.
I got this mid 80s. Still got some.
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Anyway I can only imagine how cheap ammo was in the 50s and 60s as well 70s with various calibers. It鈥檒l never be 鈥榳hat it was鈥. I鈥檇 just like to see popular calibers come down to a point to where it鈥檚 once again pleasurable to go shoot a few hundred rnds.
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