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Ammo prices continue to go down.

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I will be proven right.... again. Over on GlockTalk, many are convinced that ammo prices are immune to the laws of Economics (Supply & Demand) and that the recently inflated prices are here to stay. "THIS TIME is different," they insist.

I've encountered the same arguments here at times, but not as much.

ANYHOO.... 6.5 Creedmoor is down to $2.15 / round at Cabela's (limit 5 boxes). It's been at $2.50 / rd for a while, and it remains there at most other retailers.

At the peak, 6.5CM was running $5 / rd!

So... $2.15 is encouraging. But, I'm used to $1.20 - $1.30 / rd for the good match grade stuff. I'm going to continue sitting tight.

But, I'll be watching it. Of course, I would never rub it in again when I'm proven right. 馃槣 I'm not the kind to say, "I told ya so!" Naaaaaaaaa... not my style at all! 馃ぃ

Also... 9-mm: I'm seeing it down to 31 cents / rd for brass:
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Let's see:
We have Russian and US warships in the Black Sea. One incident with any guns and 9mm will be $150 a box or more.
Someone please visit Bass Pro after Russia starts the full invasion of Ukraine and check any price adjustments and more important product availability.

Russia to launch full invasion of Ukraine in 48 HOURS with airstrikes, missile launches & ground troops, US intel says (thesun.co.uk)
I was surprised at the Sebring gun show last weekend at the price drops.
I'm not. The laws of economics are quite well known and understood.
Well, for those thinking of getting ammo or other 'prepper' supplies please do it before December 3rd. The reason is unless Congress gets involved we will start a one week countdown to the railroad strike. They have to stop transporting chemicals and other material starting a week before the trains stop. Amtrak will stop four days before December 10th. Four unions have rejected the latest offer and will walk off at 12:01AM 12/10. If one union strikes the other 11 will honor it.
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I think we might see a spike in ammo prices if this becomes big red letters on Drudge.

If true how would this affect 9mm pricing? I don鈥檛 think much of that is being spent over there. Prices have steadily albeit slowly been coming down since the war broke out. Hasn鈥檛 affected things yet?
Easy. Putin is going to ***** slap America, England and others that have been sending weapons to Ukraine. He knows ways to hurt us and when the American public gets spooked will be the rush to Publix, the gun store, and wherever else. Unless someone whacks Putin and sues for peace this looks to end with NATO getting involved.
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