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Ammo prices continue to go down.

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I will be proven right.... again. Over on GlockTalk, many are convinced that ammo prices are immune to the laws of Economics (Supply & Demand) and that the recently inflated prices are here to stay. "THIS TIME is different," they insist.

I've encountered the same arguments here at times, but not as much.

ANYHOO.... 6.5 Creedmoor is down to $2.15 / round at Cabela's (limit 5 boxes). It's been at $2.50 / rd for a while, and it remains there at most other retailers.

At the peak, 6.5CM was running $5 / rd!

So... $2.15 is encouraging. But, I'm used to $1.20 - $1.30 / rd for the good match grade stuff. I'm going to continue sitting tight.

But, I'll be watching it. Of course, I would never rub it in again when I'm proven right. 馃槣 I'm not the kind to say, "I told ya so!" Naaaaaaaaa... not my style at all! 馃ぃ

Also... 9-mm: I'm seeing it down to 31 cents / rd for brass:
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Some of y'all should be playing the stock market, if you aren't already. Your powers of precognition are impressive.
I'm going on history repeating itself. And the law of supply and demand.
Supply is up, demand is down, yet prices remain comparatively high. Now what?
Commie steel case ammo makes up 40 percent of the ammo. Russia will burn through that training for the invasion, and Ukraine is gonna need all they have. Once people here burn through the garbage already on hand, then they'll descend on the good stuff. And forget about primers. Sorry, prices are going back up.
I already laid in my lifetime supply of the Commie stuff. Come to think of it, I'm probably good to go on the domestic ammo, as well.
Factory reman for $209.00 per 1000.

Nice! That's the lowest I've seen reman for quite awhile.
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Ummm.... yeah... OK.
Some more easily than others...
No I鈥檓 not lol. I don鈥檛 need any. Man lighten up dude. You made a mountain out of a mole hill. Moving on
You have some noteworthy posting habits.
TargetSports cyber Monday price for prime members on blazer 115gr FMJ is $247/1000.
I bought an annual Target Prime membership shortly before everyone's shelves, including Target's were emptied during that last panic. I had a year's membership which consisted of nothing in stock, for which I paid a premium.
In the past few weeks, my normal suppliers have dropped prices noticeably. Maybe widespread refusal to pay absurd prices for the inventory they are sitting on has finally had some effect.

I even bought a case of .45 acp today. Nice.
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