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Florida Firearms Training; AK Operators Only Advanced Defensive Carbine
Course Brief: This course is designed to introduce the shooter - old, new and moderately experienced - to the AK-47, AK-74 and Galil type firearms. This is a full one day AK Operator Course that immerses the student into reality based training and covers AK specific protocols. Topics covered will include Equipment Selection and Options, Rifle and Sling Set-Up, Safety, Grip, Stance, Loading / Unloading, Correct Zeroing, Mechanical Offset, Recoil Control, Speed vs. Accuracy, Movement and Malfunction Drills.
Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced
2019 Cost: $250 Includes Range Fees, Targets, Lunch, Drinks, and Merchandise
Length: 7 Hours

Video of Past Class:

Skills that will be worked on and Topics Discussed in this Class:
  • Nomenclature and Functions
  • Common Issues
  • Slings Set Up - Stance & Grip
  • Low Muzzle / High Muzzle
  • Explanation of Loading / Unloading, and Malfunctions
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Correct Stance / Fighting Stance (Military)
  • Recoil Reduction Techniques
  • AK Ballistic Issues POA & POI
  • Trigger Control
  • Recovery & Breathing
  • 0 - 30 Yards
  • 30 Yards & Over
  • How to Zero the AK
  • Understanding Accuracy / Precision Fire
  • Understanding Controlled Pairs
  • Understanding Hammers
  • Understanding Rapid Fire
  • Firing From Prone
  • Firing From Kneeling
  • Improvised Shooting Positions
  • Moving & Shooting
Skills and requirements needed coming into this class:
  • Must be comfortable with chosen firearm while shooting in a traditional static range environment.
  • Must be familiar with basic manipulation and use of chosen firearm
  • Must have concealed weapons permit or have completed criminal background check
Prerequisite Courses which will Help You Obtain the Above Skills but are Not Mandatory:
Equipment List:
  • Your AK-variant Rifle. Pistol Calibers and SBRs are acceptable.
  • 500 Rounds Rifle Ammunition (This may be purchased at the range.)
  • Tactical Sling, 1 or 2 point or 2-1 convertible
  • Minimum of 4 Rifle Magazines (The more the better!)
  • Magazine Pouches to allow carry of 2 Spare Rifle Magazines
  • Full-wrap Eye and Ear Protection (May be rented from the range.)
  • Knee Pads
  • Weapon Cleaning and Lubrication Equipment
  • Pen and Paper
Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 5:1
Maximum Number of Students: 15
2020 Course Dates / Locations:
Due to the Facility Needs, this class is only offered at Okeechobee Shooting Sports
Sunday, July 12
Booking and Cancellation Policy: Full payment will be due to the instructor at the start of class, cash or credit. A credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. This card will not be charged unless you no show or cancel with less than 3 days notice. The late cancel fee for this class is $125. Cancellations received after 5pm the day prior to the class will be treated as no shows. The no show fee is $250.
No refunds will be issued and the full course fees will apply to students arriving unprepared for the class. If you have any questions about the required equipment or how to prepare for this course, call or email us in advance to discuss.

Sign Up Here: Florida Firearms Training - Reservation Form
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