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AK 47 manufacturers quality

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After the great advice from all of you, I decided to purchase the Remington 700ADL in 30-06 because it was a geat price and uses the same ammo as my Savage Model 110.

In addition, it looks like an AK-47 would fill in the gap from 100 yards to 300+

So now I find that there are many more bands of AK's than I imagined.

Would anybody care to comment on the relative quality of the Russian, Hungarian and Romanian manufactured AK's in the $1,000 price area?

Capt. Art
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Unless you're planning on a custom build, the Bulgarian Arsenals (SLR-107F/FR, C/CR, U/UR) and Russian SGL-20 (also Arsenal branded though made at the Izhmash plant in Russia) are good choices for a high quality rifle. Most others you'll see are built on US made receivers with imported surplus parts kits, and the build quality is..."variable" at times.
You're lucky to find any AK for less than $650 these days. I also have a WASR-10/63 and it shoots just fine. Same for my 2 gunsmith built Romanian G guns and my daughter's GP75.

My Arsenal though is just better quality all around in fit and finish, and the trigger is way, way better than any of the others.
WASR 10/63 (my first AK). Paid $399 for it.

Century GP75 (stock photo, identical to my daughter's AK except that I added a scope rail to hers).

Arsenal SLR-107FR

At the range with one of my gunsmith build Romanians. I added the side folding stock. 75-round drums rock! :D

Rebeccah shooting my Arsenal SLR-107FR. Mucho bueno!
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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