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AK 47 manufacturers quality

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After the great advice from all of you, I decided to purchase the Remington 700ADL in 30-06 because it was a geat price and uses the same ammo as my Savage Model 110.

In addition, it looks like an AK-47 would fill in the gap from 100 yards to 300+

So now I find that there are many more bands of AK's than I imagined.

Would anybody care to comment on the relative quality of the Russian, Hungarian and Romanian manufactured AK's in the $1,000 price area?

Capt. Art
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I have a wasr 10 Romanian. Shoots just fine for me. I stole it from a local seller brand new for $400 in February. Good luck getting 1 again for that price though.
AK's are really basic I fail to see why 1 that is $1K is much different from mine.
I've gone through 600 or so rounds so far.
The quailty wasn't bad, nothing steller, but for me it works fine.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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