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It has been mentioned several times in regards to other posts but none on its own. So, here goes. Any of you train with airsoft pistols? Where did you get your pistol? Would you recommend the retailer? Is it a CO2 or spring loaded pistol? Any other comments about airsolft training?
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For the folks who don't want to spend a lot on "airsoft" and just want to practice backyard plinking and shooting techniques Umarex makes a few pellet guns that are realistic and are CO2 operated with the twelve gram cartridge. I have a .177 cal Berreta PX4 Storm that has the blowback function 16 round magazine and is almost identical in weight as the real thing. The balance of it may be a little different but it works as a training tool. :thumsup

Here's their link: http://www.umarexusa.com/default.aspx
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