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It has been mentioned several times in regards to other posts but none on its own. So, here goes. Any of you train with airsoft pistols? Where did you get your pistol? Would you recommend the retailer? Is it a CO2 or spring loaded pistol? Any other comments about airsolft training?
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I think brownie shops here - http://www.precisionairsoft.net/KSC-KWA-Gas-Blow-Back-Pistols-s/37.htm

This is from an earlier post from brownie-

I've got a deal working for the G17 KWA's that are no longer available, and the KSC's on that link don't show the g17's either, but they apparently can get them.

The KWA's are good stuff, take a beating in classes from being dropped etc and the contact there tells me the KSC are the same gun made by KWA so I'm either going to get more KWA's or the KSC, depending on what they can get shipped in for me.

Talk to a guy there named Johnny, tell him Robin Brown sent you his way. He's very knowledgeable on the airsoft products.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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