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Okeechobee Shooting Sports:

This pistol course is focused on modern defensive shooting, handgun familiarization, and safe weapons handling techniques. Progressing through the class the student will build a “fight ready” mind set. Students will fire a minimum of 300 rounds of ammo up to 500 rounds depending on students and drills.

The class is designed to teach advanced drills for the serious shooter. Covers the use of cover and types of cover, much of the shooting is done moving, kneeling and prone positions. We will introduce you dynamic shooting, multiple target engagement, malfunction drills, reloading techniques, stress fire, sub-conscious sight picture, and one-handed shooting and manipulation.

Ammunition Required: 300 - 500 rounds

Prerequisites: All students must have a concealed weapons permit and have successfully completed our Advanced Defensive Handgun 1 class (OR SIMILAR).
Additional Equipment: Baseball cap, food and drinks, elbow and knee pads, along with clothing that will allow for work on the ground (no open top shoes or v neck tops).

Book now as we have limited space:


All Day class is $200.
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