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I will be conducting an Advanced Concealed Carry Class Being Given On Sunday March 29th 11am till complete (4 - 5 hours) Cost $200.
Location Delray Shooting Center, Delray Beach Florida.

This course addresses various techniques for carrying a handgun concealed. Guides you through the basics of utilizing your firearm under stress conditions. Areas will covered include: Concealed carry holsters and options, drawing from concealed carry, ammunition selection, trigger control, realistic ranges. Course also includes an introduction to firearms retention techniques, close-quarter shooting, pre-fight and post-fight issues.

Additional Equipment: 2 magazines or speed loaders for your firearm. Along with the standard strong side carry holster, (or an inside-the-pants holster for your firearm) please dress for the class in same clothing you would NORMALLY wear while carrying your firearm on the street. (no open toes shoes, no v neck tops).

Class has limited space......book now.
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