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Received my original permit on 4/23/09, but there was a mistake in the address. I called and asked for a supervisor on 4/28. I got a call back within a few hours. While I was on the phone, she corrected the mistake and re-issued. She said the people that input the information read from a scan of the document, so this happens. In my case they confused a B for an 8

The permit number did not change...just the issue date was a few days later than the original. The expiration date also stayed the same as the original. She did ask me to mail the incorrect one back to the DOA and use the address on the back of the license. I cut a corner off of the permit and put a few holes in it with a paper punch just for good measure.

Oh BTW...the second permit they issued 4/28 arrived in my mailbox 5/8.
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