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Per the Academy website:

Smith and Wesson sale Free Magazine with purchase of any Shield 9mm or SDVE 9mm BUT I don't know if that's the second in the standard box.

The Classic SD9 VE for $279.99
The Academy Special SD FDE with the Black slide and Flat Dark Earth frame, but includes a Crimson Trace (TM) Laserguard (R) Which makes it a better deal, I assume the factory can do a proper install.

The SWaMPy Shield is $289.99, I don't know if it's the thumb safety model or not, but the 2.0 version is $379.99 for an even lighter trigger. The Performance Center version is $449.99, see youtube for details.

Finally there is the SWaMPy M&P 9 2.0 Shield Every Day Carry Kit, with flashlight and knife, and a Laser this one specifies Manual Safety.

I'm curious, if one of you dedicated S&W collectors buy the set, and actually shoot them, let me know what happened, please?

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