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A Question about private gun sales

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Hi all,

I see that a lot of private gun sales happen FTF because it costs significantly less without shipping and FFL charges. Maybe I'm paranoid from growing up in NY City, but how do you know that when you go to meet someone to buy a gun that they won't just pull the gun on you, take your money and shoot you? These are strangers for the most part, right? I guess feedback scores count for something, but the guy knows you're showing up with a wad of cash in your pocket. It seems like a prime time for a hold-up.

I ask because I don't have my CCW yet. If I buy privately, is there still a background check? I was looking at Gunbroker.com and found a gun I like at a great price and the guy lives less than 10 miles from me. How do i go about keeping the transfer safe?


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Meet at the gun range.. That way you can even try out your new piece before ya buy it! And if they were thinkin about rippin ya off, they'll think twice since they wont have the only loaded weapon in the area.. :D
THAT is a good idea!:drinks
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