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A Gun is Pointed at Your Loved one....

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I thought about this one this past weekend while at the seminar. With the holidays coming up this is a very likely scenario:

You and your companion exit the mall and are walking in the parking lot to your car. You are armed and being vigilent but see no one around. Suddenly, a BG jumps out from behind a car and is in front of you holding a gun pointed at your companion. Your companion is not carrying and has no training. You are standing right beside him/her and the BG is about five feet away, demanding your money.

What do you?
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"Discretion is the better part of valor." That being true, give him the money/wallet/purse, whatever. However, THAT doesn't guarantee he isn't the "no live witness" type of fool that is running around nowadays.

IF that seems likely, going down blazing may at least save your partner and keep others from a similar fate in the future. Some instances have no set or even good outcome. My old habit of walking with my hand on my pocketgun, concealed (we used to carry our service revolvers in our field jacket pockets while making buys, one with his pointed at the dealer or other participants) might give me the opportunity to shoot first. ( I usually do this going into parking garages, dark lots, etc. but have been doing it for nearly forty years and think it gives you an edge in those instances)
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