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A Gun is Pointed at Your Loved one....

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I thought about this one this past weekend while at the seminar. With the holidays coming up this is a very likely scenario:

You and your companion exit the mall and are walking in the parking lot to your car. You are armed and being vigilent but see no one around. Suddenly, a BG jumps out from behind a car and is in front of you holding a gun pointed at your companion. Your companion is not carrying and has no training. You are standing right beside him/her and the BG is about five feet away, demanding your money.

What do you?
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We both carry, and he has training. He has pushed me aside or behind him in the past. I usually have no idea why, but I know he has a good reason so I go along with it. He has a chage of tone in his voice when he is alerted to something, and everyone knows (even the kids) that it is no time for conversation or questions.

Last Christmas we were leaving the Edison Mall. We parked far from the building and walked. As we left the store with the bags on the stroller, he told me to take the wheel and push the kids, then he had us walk about ten yards past the truck and circle around. Sure enough, there was a van full of men up to no good. He put the truck between us and had us all get in from the driver's side. The kids were confused. Then I could tell they were watching us. It was scary. We left quickly.

Some women have a bad habit of asking questions instead of just listening and complying. When I'm told to move to my husband's other side, or to walk around the corner, or speed up, I just do it. I know some other women start to ask questions or argue. I've seen my friends to this.

Then again, when he asks me for a glass of scotch he gets it. In fact, I don't think he's ever seen the inside of the dishwasher.

To answer the question, I think I would watch his lead and then act.
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Yes, but there is a reason she is single.
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