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A Good Problem To Have

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Hi all,

I'm in sales for a living. (health insurance) Lately business has been pretty good and I've been regularly hitting some weekly bonuses. The way I figure it, I've got 8 - 10 weeks before I get my permit. My plan by that time was to put away $50 a week and when the permit arrives, I'd head out ASAP after that to get my carry piece. I figured $400 - $500 budgeted was fine. I could add an extra $100 or $150 at the time and all would be right with the world.

Well, things have been better than hoped, and it looks like I can put away $80 or so per week instead. This opens up a new vista. I could potentially have $800 available with the buffer money still there. :dancingbanana

Now you guys can help me spend nearly a grand. :drinks

So I'm thinking Sig or HK in addition to the Glock ideas. Heck, I'm thinking about getting a G19 AND a Charter Arms snubnose.

For an auto pistol, I like compacts better than sub-compacts. And I want 9mm.

Any thoughts if money's a bit more available than i thought it would be?



p.s. Actually, I'll probably just get the one compact pistol and spend a couple hundred on a tactical shooting class. :)
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Like Steve said, the G19 or XD-9 are good choices, along with the Charter Arms.
Yeah, that might be the way to go for the money. Two guns.

the SIG and HK are totally different animals, and function like you're 92.
Ahh..I thought the HK was DA only. Interesting.

For me, I'll not own a DA/SA gun again. I've just gotten too used to the same trigger pull for every shot.
That's actually what I like about the Glock 19 I fired last weekend. I want to fire the G26 as well, but I'm leaning toward the 19. I just like the compact more than the sub.

Were I in your shoes and the Glock/XD fit my hand, I'd go that route and spend the saved money (about $300) on a good carry rig and ammo.
Yeah, ammo's getting crazy-hard to find. It's worth the investment for 1000 rounds at a time. And you're right, $80 - $100 for a good IWB is probably a good investment too.

Thanks for the reply.

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I'd go with the XD or XDM, spend the rest on ammo and a good holster.
Between the two I'd definitely go with the XDm.
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