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A Good Problem To Have

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Hi all,

I'm in sales for a living. (health insurance) Lately business has been pretty good and I've been regularly hitting some weekly bonuses. The way I figure it, I've got 8 - 10 weeks before I get my permit. My plan by that time was to put away $50 a week and when the permit arrives, I'd head out ASAP after that to get my carry piece. I figured $400 - $500 budgeted was fine. I could add an extra $100 or $150 at the time and all would be right with the world.

Well, things have been better than hoped, and it looks like I can put away $80 or so per week instead. This opens up a new vista. I could potentially have $800 available with the buffer money still there. :dancingbanana

Now you guys can help me spend nearly a grand. :drinks

So I'm thinking Sig or HK in addition to the Glock ideas. Heck, I'm thinking about getting a G19 AND a Charter Arms snubnose.

For an auto pistol, I like compacts better than sub-compacts. And I want 9mm.

Any thoughts if money's a bit more available than i thought it would be?



p.s. Actually, I'll probably just get the one compact pistol and spend a couple hundred on a tactical shooting class. :)
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Dan, I too prefer the G19 over the G26. The reason is that the G26 is only slightly more concealable than the G19 but you loose barrel length and a nice size handle. For me the handle size became a factor when trying to draw from concelment. With the smaller handle I tend to grab some of the material of my t-shirt and the handle when drawing with one hand. With the G19 there is enough handle sticking out that I can sweep away my t-shirt with the same hand I use to draw the weapon.
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