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90 Days still holding true!!

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Well, the wait is over!! Mine came in the morning mail!! 91 days mailbox to mailbox.. Sorry I dont have the "check cashed on" or "in the system on" dates, cause I never called to find out. (Was too affraid they'd tell me I was lost or needed something resubmitted) :) But the application was put in the mail on Nov 10th (electronic prints) and the license arrived in my box today.. So, for all you guys and gals still waiting, just hang tight and give em' the 90 days.. Looks like they're still doing their best to meet that deadline!! :thumsup:thumsup

Here's to no delays!! :drinks
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:thumsup Nice. Congrats!! Hopefully mine will be here by the middle of next week then since I mailed mine 8 days after you did. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Mailed my wife's November 7th so hopefully it will be along any time now.
Day 60 for me, 1 month left
Congrats- got my letter fingerprints need redone yesterday.
Seems digital prints should not have that issue, oh well it is what it is.
I will just wait it out :popcorn
Seems digital prints should not have that issue,
Yea, that's a bummer electronic prints can still fail?? Seems the fingerprinting agent should know if the prints are clear enough to submit or not? I got a copy of mine, after she took them, and I looked it over closely to make sure I could see all the lines etc w/o any blurs.. I was kinda scared cause it doesnt look like the whole print is in the finger "boxes" on any of them, but apparently they were fine.. I dont know what a "bad" set of prints looks like, but I assume it means blurry or smeared?? When the agent takes them, just try and relax your wrist as much as possible.. Dont try to help roll your fingers or anything, just give em a limp wrist (no pun intended) to work with, and let em do their thing!! Good luck!! :drinks

And thanks everybody for the congrats posts!! :)
The nice lady at Edgewood Police Department near Orlando who did my fingerprints showed me how the system works. Not sure if everyone in the state is using the same thing, but the one at Edgewood gave a rating (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent) of the print after it was scanned. Most of mine were in the Fair or Good section, and she commented that my fingers don't have prints displayed very well. She still said that they were good enough to send to the state, so we'll see...
Had my fingerprints retaken today. Lady that did them said they can only ask for one redo- then have to do the best they can with the two sets.
Also was told to figure an additional 30 days to get permit back.
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