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I was going to start a topic about this, but after I started reading this thread, thought it was fine just to post it here.

I carry a full-size .45 on me everyday as well. (Auto Ordnance, Gov't Model... ...which is the reason I bought the Milt Sparks, Versa Max II holster the other day.)

And while I love the safety features inherent to a 1911 pistol, I can't bring myself to carry it "Hot-Cocked", if you know what I mean. In practicing my draw, I have: three fingers on the grip, my thumb pulling the hammer back as I clear the holster, and my forefinger poised alongside the frame/trigger guard. Personally, I don't feel I lose any time (should I need to fire), versus having it "Hot-Cocked."

Any thoughts or views would be greatly appreciated. :)
Hi Wraith,

I bought a Colt New Agent 45 ACP to use as a carry weapon, but then I discovered that the "half cock" will release when the trigger is pulled. Now, the hammer may not have enough momentum (going forward) to fire the round, but it still worries me. It is now in storage and I carry my Bersa UC 45 ACP because it has a safety that disables the trigger and blocks the hammer.

I will try your method and see if it works for me, otherwise I'll probably trade the Colt for a Sig Sauer P220.

Hot-Cocked = Having the hammer pulled back to the firing position, with a round loaded in the chamber, and the thumb safety on.

I know quite a few people (who carry .45's IWB and OWB) who do this. I just don't find it safe. For me, or those around me. (Or my butt, should the damned thing go off carrying it that way.) :cool:

I love my Auto Ordnance, but she's pushing 12 yrs. now. (Showing signs of age and use......much like me.) I was thinking about the Sig 220, but need to do some more research, and test firing, before I spend the $$.

(And Yes. I, too, also noticed the "half cock" will release as well. That's why I keep mine "hammer down" now.)
Very good reading. I thank you both for your insight and experience. Perhaps you're right. I may need to "re-think" my carry weapon.

Much appreciated.

After hashing (and re-hashing) the carry I had above, you are correct Cthulhu. I have been carrying this way all week now. New for me, but yes, correct.

I was always concerned about the thumb safey coming off with my current Galco IWB holster, but it hasn't. Which, I suppose, is the reason I ordered the Versa Max II. It has that higher riding, (sweat protector, I suppose you could call it) leather feature to it.

Once again, thanks for making me actually THINK about what I was doing. :)

So I've been having a blast listening to people here (and in town) tell me how to carry my .45 in CCW mode.

Really, I have. :)

And as Baldy touched upon earlier, I was in the Military for 8 years, but I never had to carry a gun with me. Wrenches, screwdrivers, some safety-wire pliars, etc. That was about it. (Jet Engine Mechanic)

So with Cthulhu's post freshly in mind, I went to look up an old and revered Gun-Smith around town. He pretty much said the same thing to me as CT did, but he held no punches.

"You HAVE to carry it that way, you moron! That's how they designed it! Stop shooting without ear-protectors and start to listen!"

...gotta love that guy...

So in the course of two hours we:

1. I told him I was having some jamming on loading and ejection. He asked what I was firing. I told him Winchester, 230 gr., FMJ. He laughed and tossed me two boxes of Winchester Super X, Silver Tip, 185 gr., Hollow Points. Shot 'em all. Not ONE jam. (His theory: Don't shoot the cheap sheet to practice. Practice with what you're going to use.)

2. Told him about the holster I was having made for me, and after discussing how I carry, he was fine with that. (although he tried to sell me one that he made.......lol)

3. I noticed a cop carrying the same .45 as I do. Yet he had a blued lower, a Stainless Slide, and the same Pacymyar grips I do......with the wood imbedded in the grips. Looked pretty. (I know, I know..........you don't want people to "notice" your weapon when you carry concealed, but it really struck me how nice it looked.)

-3a. I know you can have your weapon re-blued. But can you have the slide done in Stainless, at the same time as you have your lower re-blued? And does it affect any mating between the two if you do?

You guys are great. I tried the Indiana Forums and ain't a soul talking. I'm open to your "Yea's" and "Nay's". :)

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Just sent them a mail, when I read your post a few days ago.

Thank you for the link. :)
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