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.40 cal Suggestions

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Been eyeing a Glock 23 for a few months but after joining here I've heard some good things about S&W MP guns. Went to a gun shop today and they only had the 9mm MP. It really felt good. The Glock grip is big and the magazine release is hard to get to with one hand. I also seemed to have trouble getting the sights to align with target on first instinct. My Ruger P90 will be close to target on initial aim but with the same feel on the Glock my rear sights were looking at the gun barrel about 3/4's the way down so I had to readjust.

I like the reputation of the Glock and know I can get used to it but my question is... Is the S&W MP just are reliable and functional? The salesman was commenting on how few parts the Glock is made with so that is one reason why it is so reliable... not much to go wrong.

What are others recommendations on a .40 cal carry weapon that is under $600?
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Thanks for all the great advice! I went to the Florida Gun Exchange in Port Orange today and after looking at all their guns, decided on the Glock 23. I liked the S&W M&P and the Springfield XD but their magazine capacity wasn't as capable as the Glock and the Glock is so popular and has so many accessories among other things. I thought about the 9mm G19 but it is the same size and only held two more rounds. Because the state is dragging it's heels getting me my license I'll have to wait until next weekend to pick up the gun. I really recommend the Florida Gun Exchange. Got plenty of knowledgeable people and a good selection. The price was as good as any I have found, $499. They also have a stock of all calibers of handgun ammo. Ended up finding some Speer Gold Dot 45 for my other gun at $27 for 20 rounds which I thought was a little high but couldn't find it anywhere else. You also get a free T-shirt with gun purchase :cool:

Incidentally, I haven't been to a gun shop yet that didn't carry ammo for all caliber of handguns.
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