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.30-06 Springfield vs .308 Winchester

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I am currently looking to purchase a second rifle for long range defense at sea. I travel quite a ways offshore and with the current Pirate situation, I am preparing a new self defense plan for the boat to keep the bad guys at bay.

I currently have a Savage Model 110 in .30-06 caliber and have found a Remington 700 ADL also in .30-06

Would I be better off getting a Remington 700 in .308 for this long range situation?

I have been told by some that the .308 is a better round for long distance, but I am confused why the .30-06 wouldn't be better.

Capt. Art
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+1 for the M1 Garand, its not going to cost an arm and leg (like an M1A) and it is also a proven battle rifle.
+1 for the 12 Gauge for close encounters.

If you have the money and such do what the Navy does, mount an M2 .50 cal, it'll handle just about anything you'll run into in the Gulf! :ak
There's still plenty of military surplus out there, the CMP still is the best source. Some ammo manufacturers are now making Garand specific .30-06 and there is always reloading.
Spare parts are available out there as well, Sportsmans Guide even sells operating rods, barrels, etc.
For half the price of an M1A you can have your rifle, ammo & spare parts.
The Garand is kind of like the B52 bomber, yeah its old, but still does the job and will scare the hell out of anyone its targeting!

(I have nothing against the M1A, in fact I'd love to have one :thumsup, its just not in budget right now.)
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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