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30-06 Hunter

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Just got done building my 30-06 woods beater. I still have to mount the optics, I have a Zeiss 3.5-10x50 for it but I'm waiting on a base and rings. It's a pure woods gun so I didn't do too much custom work on it. Its a basic Remmy 700 with a trued action. I did the Tac Ops bolt knob and put 3 screws in the bolt handle, it didn't really need it I just wanted to try it myself and it came it good. I textured the bottom metal for the hell of it and like it. I painted it with Flat OD over the factory finish. I ditched the plastic factory stock and put it in a Hogue, for the weather here it's a good option.

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I build mostly tactical style rifles but I do put that knob on everything I build. It is a kit from Tactical Operations in California. The barreled action in the second picture is another rifle I'm working on right now. It is a 20" heavy barreled 308. If you look close you can see the threaded section of the bolt handle where the knob screws on. The way I do it is to cut the knob completely off the shank of the handle. Then I drill a hole in the center of the shank and insert a threaded stud and tig weld it in place and grind it down to a nice smooth transition.It is alot stronger than machining the knob down to accept a knob..... Better yet here are some pictures

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The kit for the bolt knob I get direct from Tac Ops or Sniper Central for $40 as far as triggers I hate the the new Remington trigger but the old style before the X-mark pro can be tuned as good as any aftermarket trigger so I keep them and tune them up
30-06 is for hunting the 308 is going to be for tactical competition and hunting
Here's a rifle from Tac Ops. It is the idea/plan for the 308 I'm building
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Not a "sniper rifle". You will find that in the rifle community we don't say sniper rifle it is a rifle used by a tactical marksman. I can take the rifle out of the hands of a LE Sniper and it is no longer a sniper rifle and use it in the woods, it is the user behind it that determines what you call it, not trying to rant but anyways if you need any help let me know
don't worry I started off calling them sniper rifles and got jumped by a few actual snipers, and that idea above has been ingrained in my head now over time.
In the 30-06 I use 208 A-Max loaded by HSM

For the 308 I'm going back and forth at the range with these two right now
1) Lapua 155gr Scenars, Lapua brass, CCI BR2 primers, 46.5 grains Reloder 15
2) 175 SMK moly, Lapua brass, CCI BR2 primers, 44.5 grains of H4895

I hunt with a 168 A-Max, Lapua brass, CCI BR2 primers, 44 grains varget or 168 A-max loaded by HSM
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