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30-06 Hunter

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Just got done building my 30-06 woods beater. I still have to mount the optics, I have a Zeiss 3.5-10x50 for it but I'm waiting on a base and rings. It's a pure woods gun so I didn't do too much custom work on it. Its a basic Remmy 700 with a trued action. I did the Tac Ops bolt knob and put 3 screws in the bolt handle, it didn't really need it I just wanted to try it myself and it came it good. I textured the bottom metal for the hell of it and like it. I painted it with Flat OD over the factory finish. I ditched the plastic factory stock and put it in a Hogue, for the weather here it's a good option.

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Looks like it'll be quite the bang stick to me usmc7980 :thumsup

Let us how how it shoots when you get the optics on it.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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