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25 ACP Crude Test Results

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Right now the only carry weapon I have is a Beretta 950BS. It takes 25 ACP ammo. My other gun is a SW9VE which is too large as a conceal weapon. While I am hoping to soon buy another gun. Right now the Beretta will have to do.

I read in a post some time ago on this forum someone say that the 25 ACP is no good for defense because he could not penetrate a coke can with it. It got me thinking that maybe I should carry a sling shot instead. So I decided to test my Beretta and some different ammo to see if I could penetrate a coke can. Well, we don't drink soda around the house but I had just finished decking the back and had about 20 pieces of treated deck board 3/4 inch thick laying around so decided to use that. I bought three different types of ammo.

Remington 25 ACP 50gr FMJ
Hornady 25 ACP 35gr JHP/XP
Speer Gold Dot 25 ACP 35gr GDJHP

I put three pieces of 3/4 inch treated deck board together flush against each other. The distance I used from the target was 20 ft.


The Hornady penetrated one of the 3/4 inch boards fully and was stopped by the second board which it impact and left about a 1cm dimple in the wood. The bullet expanded so much that the jacket seperated from the bullet and after I took the picture it came off in my hand. The exit hole was larger than the entry of course with some braking of the wood behind it.

The Peerless penetrated one of the 3/4 inch boards fully and was stopped by the second board which it impacted and left a small dimple in the wood not as large as the Hornady round. The bullet expanded but the jacket did not seperate and it held together much better than the Hornady. The exit hole was larger than the Hornady exit hole and more brakage of the wood occured.

The Remington round penetrated two of the 3/4 inch boards fully and imbedded itself in the third board but was easily pulled free. It penetrated about 1/8 inch into the third board. The bullet held its shape and did not expand at all. The exit holes while larger than the entry was not as large as the HP bullets of course.

I felt that the Hornady and the Remington were about equal in accuracy but the Speer Gold Dot seemed not to be as accurate as the others.

I did not try it on a coke can but I think that if it was able to penetrate 3/4 inches of treated wood with JHP and 1 1/2 inches of treated wood with FMJ I think it will penetrate a coke can. This makes me feel better about carrying my 25 ACP and until I get a new gun I will continue to pocket carry by pee shooter. I read in a thread on a different forum form a person that pocket carries a Beretta 950BS also that he alternates in his mag JHP and FMJ so if he fires four shots he will put 2 of each in his assailant. He feels it is much more effective that way. I am not sure how effective that will be. I am thinking that I should load FMJ and go for penetration since the JHP did not expand that much anyway. I think I will bring a sling shot as a back up.

I would appreciate comments about what other think.


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If a 25 is all you've got then carry it, but if you have to shoot you probably should plan on shooting until you are empty. A whole bunch of little holes should help keep you alive but I would not count on it.

If you want to try another test try shooting a 55 gallon drum with that 25 and watch the bullets bounce off. I've seen it myself. It convinced one of my friends to retire his 25.
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